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Corona Covid 19 – Healthy food to have now!


This is just a list of food products suggested by my mother when I told her I am having some cold and cough type symptoms. For some reason, I really really believe in what she suggests me to consume in most of the cases. She suggested me to have organic honey, tulsi, organic turmeric etc all available at your fingertips online these days.
The virgin coconut is an add on to have a healthy and hygenic after bath feel.
Link to the page with all products.

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My first experiences in film-making came through creating after movies for college festivals and wedding films while I was pursuing engineering. I have been freelancing as a video editor and cinematographer with The Ricelight Project since then, crafting some beautiful wedding films. Brands I have worked with include Jawa Motorcycles, Odisha Tourism, Educate Girls, Uber, Grand Hyatt, Too Yumm, Dysco, SPJIMR, D Stories, The Ricelight Project, Curves and Color sand many more. In 2018 when I was in freelancing in Mumbai, I received a grant to pursue a one-year diploma course in Ad film-making and Branding in Mumbai mentored by Mr. Prahlad Kakar. I joined as an internship trainee in an ad film production house after that, but soon realized that it is not what I was passionate about, I quit the internship after three months. Currently, I am working on creating a documentary for a public mural art project based in Mumbai. I am also looking forward to directing music videos for music that touches me. When I am off the clock, you can find me strolling in some arts festival or photographing cityscapes or some really cool events in the city.


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