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Filmmaking and photography came to me in strange ways. While studying engineering, I happened to be in a college dance club. As we performed more and more shows, we needed posters and videos for promotion. It was out of a necessity for this that I began to pick up the camera and visual design tools.

I loved it, and haven’t been able to put it down since.

After giving up engineering for a career in the visual arts, I have worked extensively as a freelance photographer and filmmaker. Alongside video editing, I also direct music videos and create compelling visual content for artists. Whenever I get a chance to tour along with them, I shoot vlogs and make travel films as well.

In my personal projects, I search for stories, honesty, feeling, and experimentation. I enjoy working with people in collaborative settings, and interdisciplinary forms. As my practice moves towards an amalgamation of art, design and film – I plan to work further with musicians, dancers and performing artists creating experimental films as well as designing live show experiences.

Abodid Sahoo
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