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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This section should serve the purpose it should. So here are a few questions which actually get asked very very frequently!!!!!

Hey Abodid, Howzz it goin?

Bhai sab thik chal ra hey, bhagwan ki kripa se. 🙂 Thoda fog fog lagta hey kabhi kabhi, but I am sure somtime these dots will connect back. So keeping calm and moving on.

Did you edit that showreel of your or you shot as well?

Basically, it’s a representation of me and the kinds of projects I have done. majorly I have edited those films. About half of them I have shot and directed as well.

Hey Abodid, we have this big event coming up next month! We would like you to do the photography. Will you be available and how much will be the charges for a one-day event?

Of course, I would love to come on board!! If the event is really cool, I can consider dropping my price. If it’s a corporate gig with some boring shit added to that a low pay, probably I ain’t coming up.

Charges will vary anywhere between Rs 15k to Rs 50k for a day shoot. Deliverable will be around 100- 300 photographs.

How much do you charge for an edit?

This is probably this fu****** question I have always been asked. I have tried answering this in numbers at times and miserably failed.

One small request to my upcoming clients, please do your homework and come up with some details about these few pointers.

1. What the edit is all about and the style of edit you would need to best convey the story and message you want to present?

2. Approximate duration of the final edit. Like 30 secs, 2 mins, 20mins or an hour-long?

3. Timeline a.k.a deadline of the edit. Like 1 day, 1 week, 1 month or a year?

4. The budget of the edit. At least rough numbers like a thousand bucks or a lac, or couple lacs?

5. Something about the tentative publishing platform and distribution plan. The target audience.

Do you edit wedding films as well? How much do you charge?

Yes! There was a time when I did quite some wedding films with The Ricelight Project and D Stories. I went on to assist in the cinematography for clients in Shillong, Kerala, Mumbai, Bangkok, etc.

Nowadays in Mumbai, I don’t do much of wedding edits though. At times I take up one or two. Budget ranges from 40k to 60k for a wedding edit. But these days I would prefer to come up to do the still photography or cinematography.

Do you have a GST number? Or a company?

Nope. Not yet. So all transactions to be done to my personal savings bank account. We will have to sort out the tax and TDS thing in that.

Wow! That’s nice! What are your specs of this PC?

There you go with all the details and links to buy them directly from Amazon!!
Do I need to explain more than this? 😀 😛

Do you do a job in a company or are you freelancing all the time?

Till now I have not been on the Payroll of any company. A few months ago I had joined Crazy Few Films, an ad film production house. But soon I felt I had different aspirations and I had to leave the company midway.

I still am figuring out what to pursue professionally. I keep dabbling around a lot of stuff. As of now, I am freelancing in Mumbai. I am majorly into short documentary projects, branded content, event photography, and few personal projects on music and performing arts.

“When the misery of the familiar becomes worse than the discomfort of the uncertain, you’re ready to change.”